Exhibition of trophies

Capital fallow deer trophy among 200 pieces of antlers!

After the extremely dry weather in summer, the colleagues of the SEFAG Co. had only little expectations on the stag rutting season in September.
The display of trophies and the evaluation of the results took place on the 19th of October at the Forestry of Lábod. 
181 pieces of red deer were taken over in the stag rutting season 2012 on the hunting areas (100.000 ha) of the SEFAG Co. The visitors could look at 142 antlers in the park of the hunting lodge of Alexandra. 14 pieces of deer antlers were above 10 kg, and 3 from these were above 11 kg. The quality results were almost the same like in the previous year. Statistically, the average weight of the antlers was nearing the 7,1 kg and  63% were rewarded with a medal.
The stag which had the biggest antlers this year – 11,82 kg -  was hunted by an Australian hunter in the hunting area Szántód – Alirét. It is worth mentioning that the average weight of stag antlers which were hunted in this area reached 7,72 kg. The rate of the medals was above 72%.
The other hunting areas don’t have to feel ashamed of themselves either, stags with the weight above 10 and 11 kg were also bagged in Lábod and Zselic.
Besides the stag antlers, 50 fellow buck antlers were also displayed, which were hunted during this year’s – still running - fellow buck rutting season. A rare sensation was the fallow buck antler with the weight of 5,08 kg – 200,27 C.I.C bagged in the hunting area Lábod-Nagysallér.

We congratulate the staff of the Forestry Lábod on the excellent organisation!

You can view some pictures about the antlers here.

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